The medical exam for your Canada Immigration is an essential piece in completing all the requirements of sending an application for permanent residency or any quick visits. This step helps ensure the public’s safety, knowledge of your health and prevent inadmissibility to Canada. This process affects those who want to visit, work, study, or live in Canada.

How Can I Prepare for The Medical Exam?

Many immigration applicants would be hesitant or scared of this vital step. It’s normal to be nervous trying something new. While mild flu will not prevent you from being allowed for Canadian immigration, a more severe illness may cause harm to you or other people. 


This guide can help you get ready for your complete immigration medical centre Brampton exam. Come to your appointment prepared with peace of mind knowing what to expect for the entire period. We will talk about everything you need to know regarding your appointment, how much the costs are, what you need to bring, and possible tests you need to take.


Most types of visa entries would require you to undergo this medical exam. Once you know that the medical exam is required, you can either get your medical exam before or after your application. Plan on the best timeline of when to make your medical appointment according to other factors. The medical results can be immediate or can take longer with any follow-up checkups.


As part of the requirements, you must only go to doctors approved by the Canadian government. Check if your family doctor is an authorized panel physician, find them here. If they aren’t approved, then your doctor can’t perform the exam. The approval panel specialist does not make the final call regarding your results but the Canada immigration office. For any problems with your results, the immigration office will contact you in writing.


Paying for all the fees is as vital as the other required steps. Determine what factors you need to consider to prepare yourself financially for the potential expenses.  The price may depend on the location, doctor, and provider, if applicable. Doctor’s fees, specialist’s fees, and some additional tests or treatment charges are required. Payments are paid on the day of your appointment schedule.  The Immigration Medical costs range from $100 to $400, plus $45 to $50 for additional charges; get to know more about it at Medical fees are not refundable in the event of nonadmission. 


Before going to the approved panel physician’s clinic, be sure to make a list of items to bring with you. Having a list can help you be prepared and not have to go back home to get anything you might have forgotten.


Present any proper identification; a signed government-issued ID with a picture will suffice. Take your contact lenses or glasses with you if you use any. Suppose you have an existing or a previous medical condition. In that case, you have to bring your medical test results and prescribed medication. If you didn’t have an upfront medical exam, bring your IMM 1017E Medical Report form.

Possible Tests

Not all medical specialists can conduct the medical immigration exam for you. Choose an authorized panel physician of your choice. Doctors will ask a series of basic and particular questions about your medical history. They will also conduct a comprehensive physical exam. 


Doctors can also order a chest x-ray, depending on your age. Other possibilities include additional tests with a specialist for testing. Extra testing may depend on the result of your general physical exam and your health interview. Your doctor of choice should explain any abnormalities in your medical results.



Prevent delays with your entire immigration process by completing your medical exam at your earliest convenience and planning. Everything you need to know before going into your appointment is readily available to you. As long as you know how to prepare for this step, you have nothing to worry about. You are ready for your medical appointment! 


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