Spaying or neutering your pets is certainly never easy, but it is necessary. The Humane Culture, Urban Leagues around the country, the Veterinary Medical Association, as well as the American Animal Hospitals Association are among the many pet welfare and community organizations that strongly support spaying as well as neutering pets. It is the most caring method to attend to the ever-increasing problem of pet overpopulation.

Myths and Facts About Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering your pets have turned into politically correct, and owners of unaltered pets are typically considered irresponsible and passionless. However, instead of research, individuals’ faith in the efficiency of these therapies is founded on false impressions. If the fact were generally recognized, the owners would reconsider going through such radical surgical treatment.

Myth #1: It prevents pet overpopulation.

Fact: Spaying, as well as neutering, is a distinctively North American method. Most other continents don’t do that regularly, even in shelters, and they haven’t been invaded with canines yet. People that spay and neuter their pets in the hopes of lowering pet overpopulation are normally the same people that are currently alert and responsible enough to handle their pets. Click here to learn more.

Myth #2: It makes the dog healthier, and it prevents cancer.

Fact: This is the stuff of urban legends. There is no clinical proof to back up such a claim. All breeds would certainly have died long ago if canines were hence susceptible to cancer with their bodies intact. Furthermore, spaying and neutering have a dark side that almost nobody talks about, and it concerns numerous reproductive hormone functions that aren’t taken into consideration. Visit for more information.

Myth #3: Spayed and neutered dogs do not runoff, and they do not mark their territory.

Fact: On the surface, this is right, but the reasoning behind it is not. Let’s take a look at any gang of rogue dogs. Put simply, there is an alpha pair who leads the pack, followed by the rest of the team. The alpha pair’s mates are the only ones who have actually been spayed or neutered. So, without the need for chains, fences, or medical blades, one pet might keep multiple sexually intact pack members under control for years. 

Additionally, since they will never be the alpha, most of those animals will never mate throughout their lives. Despite this, none will leave the group trying to find a buddy.

Myth #4: Having a female dog in the heat makes it impossible to clean the house.

Fact: It is up to you, the owner, to choose where a female needs to be housed throughout her period. She might be cared for in a non-carpeted spot of the house or a kennel. If you go to any type of pet shop, you’ll see various things to assist you with this issue, including feminine diapers she can wear at home. Female pet dogs just cycle twice a year, and the amount of blood they shed is just a few drops at once. You can also seek help from a geriatric veterinarian to help you with spaying and neutering your pet.


Pets have an overpopulation problem. In any type of given year, there are about 6 million homeless pets in animal sanctuaries. A number of these creatures will, sadly, never find a home. Become part of a responsible pet owner community by getting your pet spayed to help maintain the population down and decrease the number of pets sent to pet shelters. Several areas have programs in place to assist with the price of spaying and neutering.

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