House design from an architect’s point of view isn’t only brick walls painted with pricey colors and finishes. There are a number of factors involved while designing any architectural construction. Architects prefer two kinds of approaches while designing a house building. In the first type, the architect focuses on the essentials of the client so far as a number of spaces, styles, budgets are concerned.

He may discuss a variety of aspects with his client and think of a special home design that’s the best possible solution for the needs of his customer. On the other hand, a few architects believe in the opposite manner.They first visualize the whole type of the house building and then”match” the essential spaces within this type in the best way possible. The best example of the kind of designs is that the”Guggenheim Museum” in New York designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

This museum designed was derived from an inverted cone form pointing down in the ground. The rest of the museum spaces have been really creatively”fitted” in the cone shape without bothering the This sort of design practice demands a whole lot of control over visualization and designing of circulation spaces inside the building. What of the above two is the proper method?

Both are correct procedures, that’s because the success of any construction design isn’t dependent upon the methods of design but the comfort levels of the residents. If a home building cannot provide basic conveniences to the occupants like fresh air flow, ample sunlight, clear flow spaces, then it can be regarded as a failure. Fulfilling these fundamental requirements of house design isn’t in any way dependent on expensive construction procedures.

Even a very low-cost home construction can be an excellent design that makes full use of all of the natural resources to create the residents comfortable. That’s the reason a fantastic design doesn’t mean”expensive design”. In modern contemporary design styles, simplicity is the key to better design and interiors. The design that can fix the basic functional problem in addition to triggers the psychological impulse in the consumer is considered a fantastic design.

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