If you see areas of mold, have signs of chronic moisture, then or detect a musty odor in your house or business, you should contact a mold remediation company before you invest money in mold testing. The company will provide you a free appraisal of this situation and have the experience to let you know whether you’ve got an issue or not. If they indeed do advise you to get additional testing, you’d then have to engage a certified mold assessment consultant to inspect and collect samples from the region for mold testing. 

In many states, the business that tests for mold can not be the same company that does the eventual mold removal work, because the mold inspection firm will even re-test and clear the region once the cleanup is finished. It is very important to have two companies do the individual tasks of removal and inspection to ensure one firm does not clean their particular work. You need the mold inspection business to secure your interests, not theirs.

Once the work is finished, you’ll get a Certificate of Mold Remediation stating that your property was successfully remediated.

The mold assessment company will give you a protocol describing what work needs to be done and specifically the remediation company will need to do to clean up the mold problem. That work generally consists of eliminating mold-contaminated materials, using HEPA vacuums to eliminate mold spores, heavy cleaning and sanitizing of the region, and sealing affected materials. All of this work must be achieved in a walk-in containment with negative air pressure to make sure mold spores don’t escape the affected area and contaminate other areas. Without the containment, the spores could become airborne and eventually land on other areas inside the house or business during the demolition procedure. Those could not just be inhaled and cause health issues in there but also start mold growth in places not currently polluted. That would increase your expenditure and risk down the street.

HEPA air scrubbers will be used to continually remove mold spores in the atmosphere.

When all the mold is removed and the cleanup and disinfecting have already been finished, the interior of the containment area will be HEPA vacuumed and sealed, and air scrubbers will be properly used until the mold assessment consultant takes samples for clearance testing. If any part fails testing it will be reclined under the same containment. Once final clearance is given the containment is eliminated and the certification of mold remediation is filled from the adviser and the mold remediation company.

DIY or call a professional?

For those who have a lot of water at the house, hiring a water damage restoration company may be your very best bet to receive your home back in order as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible. Restoration businesses have the right equipment that’s needed to wash out your location immediately.

A restoration professional is even more critical for saving your house if it was flooded with more polluted water like sewage. This sort of water is extremely hazardous and best handled by trained and certified water damage cleanup professionals.

What’s more, if mold has started growing on your home following a flood, there is likely more mold hiding in hidden areas, such as inside walls. Mold removal specialists have the required tools to discover hidden mold in areas where the eyes can not see.

For professional mold removal services and water damage restoration, contact your regional PuroClean Ronkonkoma office or visit their website.

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