A once a year visit to the vet is a must for a healthy dog. In this annual visit, your vet will check your pet’s heart rate, general body health, perform a fecal and blood test to diagnose parasites and keep your dog current on vaccinations. An easy annual trip to the vet may not look to be an extremely important aspect of your pet’s health, but it is. 

Early identification of ailments like cancer, early detection of any abnormalities such as heart murmurs, and vaccines which prevent fatal diseases will help your dog to live a longer life. Many cancers today, which puppies suffer from, are treatable if they are diagnosed early, and dogs having heart problems might take drugs to help their heart work well for several decades. The key is ‘early diagnosis’, and without an annual veterinarian examination, a life-threatening illness could be missed until it is too late to deal with. Visit this page to learn more.

Identifying illnesses

An annual vet checkup will also help your veterinarian to identify any ailments on your dogs such as ear infections, eye infections, parasitic infections, bladder infections, or teeth troubles. Missed infections can lead to wear and tear on a dog’s body, and should they progress serious damage to the body can occur. While these conditions aren’t always benign, they could stress the overall health of your dog and over time harm your pet’s health, immune system, and organ function. Continual stress from persistent infections, or severe ailments that aren’t treated, can reduce the wellbeing of a dog’s life.

So long as you choose

A trip to the veterinarian can be as comprehensive as you want it to be. You can have the option of simply a brief physical and pathogens, or you may have all the necessary tests done to confirm the status of your dog’s health. For your dog to stay healthy, it is highly recommended that you get an extensive physical performed every year in addition to blood, fecal, and urine tests.

Don’t forget parasite control

A high parasite load of fleas and worms may lead to malnutrition, reduced immune function, anemia, and poor health; the damage that these parasites can cause may reduce the wellbeing of a dog’s lifespan over time. Additionally, parasites like mosquitoes and ticks may transmit deadly diseases. The parasites that you will have to secure your dog from comprising: ticks, fleas, worms, and mosquitoes.

Mosquitos and Heartworms

Many pet owners do not realize that mosquitoes can infect dogs using deadly heartworms. If a mosquito bites a dog that carries heartworms the mosquito can then transmit those worms to another puppy. More and more heartworm disorders are a leading cause of early death in dogs throughout the united states.

Heartworm disease can be treated in dogs, however, the treatments are not without risks; some dogs have fatal responses to heartworm treatment. Additionally, a heartworm infection that has lasted for a long time period might have caused too much harm to the dog’s health to treat. To protect your dog from the risks of heartworms, always have a yearly evaluation performed on your dog and keep your dog on a rigorous heartworm preventative regime.

While tick diseases in certain regions are infrequent, dogs who are exposed to ticks continue to be at risk of becoming infected with potentially lethal tick diseases. If you are in a place where your pet is going to be exposed to ticks, or you reside in a place that has reported tick disease incidents in dogs and individuals, you must keep ticks off of your own dogs. There are products on the market today that will help to repel ticks out of the dog, or that will kill the ticks once the ticks move onto your dog’s skin.

The Significance of Preventive Care

You may help your pet maintain outstanding long-term physical health with wellness exams.

Combined with routine vaccinations, parasite prevention, and proper diet, these routine examinations incorporate regular physical checkups to ensure your pet receives the best opportunity at great lifelong health.

Bring your pet in for a normal vet checkup in Murfreesboro. We could prevent many health issues from growing, or find them early if they can be treated effectively – and easily. Ask our veterinary surgical specialists for more information.

At Brogli, Lane, Weaver & Alexander Animal Hospital, our vets utilize regular exams to focus on preventive care. These pet evaluations help ensure your best friend is in great health.

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